Our Mission: To make life more fun and rewarding

Buffalo Games is an American manufacturer and marketer of the award-winning Party Games Celebrity Throw DownChronology,  Last Word, Likewise, Gotcha, Truth Be Told and Phone Frenzy. We also make the highest quality adult jigsaw puzzles in North America including 300 piece puzzles, 500 piece puzzles, 750 piece puzzles, 1000 piece puzzles, 2000 piece puzzles, 4000 piece puzzles and Puzzle Presto. Our jigsaw puzzles feature great artists and themes like  Darrell Bush, The Hautman Brothers, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Charles Wysocki, Castles, Wildlife, Panoramics, Photomosaics, Audubon Birds, Cities, Civil War, Cats, Dogs, Seascapes, and Folk Art.